Alice & Zac, Takaka, Golden Bay

Wow, what a weekend this was.  We headed to the stunning Golden Bay on the Friday and it was stifling hot....  the next day was meant to be pouring down, but luckily, give or take a few tiny light showers, we got very lucky and had a mild and fairly dry day (Sunday though, wow, pretty heavy rain).

We first met Zac & Alice when we lived in Golden Bay a few years back now, and were super excited and honored to be chosen to photograph their wedding.

Alice made such a beautiful stunning bride and Zac a pretty handsome groom....  you were a blast to hang out with, so relaxed and lots and lots of fun!

Children had a ball running around having fun and everyone seemed pretty relaxed and enjoyed many great laughs.  It was a pleasure to hang out with you and all of your wonderful family and friends.